The Habits Webinar 

When life feels out of control, how do you respond?

Dane Sanders understands the whirlwind you're up against. He also knows how to position in the storm so you can win.

As CEO at Tell Me Your Dreams, he and his team of licensed mental health professionals and performance coaches work with people (just like you) to build routines and rhythms to survive and thrive in every circumstance.

TMYD's (free) Habits Webinar started as an online course with just 40 people. Once word got out, it grew to 400 (10x) in just 48 hours and 800 (20x) by the time the course completed.

This wasn't an anomaly.

We all need resilient routines we can count on. But, when life already feels out of control, it is very difficult to build great habits on your own. 

"The Online Course to Master Working from Home." - Forbes

If you've been forced to work from home and are struggling - with responsibilities, schedules, kids, distance learning, endless zoom calls, and living on top of each other... all while figuring out how to pay the bills - you're in the right place. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Attend: The Habits Webinar (free)
  2. Learn: TMYD's 8 Part Habit Framework
  3. Liberate: Take Control of Your Life 

By adopting TMYD's 8 Part Habit Framework you will…

  • Trade 'have to' for 'get to'
  • Trade victim for hero
  • Trade running on empty for fueling first
  • Trade extra baggage for traveling light
  • Trade putting yourself last to prioritizing highest & best
  • Trade off-course for correcting course
  • Trade feeling like you're losing for a completely new game
  • Trade regret & fear for strength & presence

Circumstances should never determine your well being and mental health.

When life feels like a whirlwind, a daily habit routine will give back your control for good.

Bonus: Accountability included. By signing up, you'll be backed by a global community who will be with you every step of the way.



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Meet Your Guide

Dane Sanders is CEO at Tell Me Your Dreams. TMYD is a coaching company that designs better cultures while promoting proactive mental health at work. Dane has authored two best-selling books for creatives in business and is host of Converge: the business of creativity podcast.


"The Online Course To Master Working From Home."

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